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Shimla! The beautiful capital of Himachal Pradesh!♥

It all started to give my besties another surprise by joining them on their trip to shimla without telling them! Rushikesh had completed his 6th semesters paper, (Lol, I never called him by such an endless name!) he planned to celebrate the31st in Delhi with his one of his friends Omkar!

“Traveling gives an opportunity to experience different places, people, culture, and a chance to admire new elements of nature”

Rishi and Omkar booked their tickets for Delhi from Nagpur by November and was much excited to celebrate the 31st in Delhi as Rajat had shifted there a few months back! As soon as Rishi and Omkar booked their tickets, Rishi pinged me saying “Delhi Done“!

                                      “Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers.”

They booked their flights for 28th morning for Delhi.

I asked them a few questions like how they wanna spend their 31st?

They wanna travel or go to a local pub, get high their and dance? As I had gone there last month to meet my bestie Rajat and we planned to go
out in a pub but the rules are very strict in Delhi as they will ask for the age proof and in many pubs, they won’t aloow Stag entry! LOL

I convey this message to Rishi that these are the rules in Delhi! So plan accordingly!

As it’s 31st and shouldn’t be a mess, we will celebrate New Year outside , said Rishi.

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” – Dalai Lama

- Mall Road.

As no one of us didn’t visit Amritsar so it will be nice idea to visit there as it will be a year-end.
Rishi and omkar were confused about the places So I and Rajat started to plan the trip, after researching thousands of sites, blogs, getting the help of parents, getting the help of the people who recently visited that places.
So finally After days of research and chatting on Whatsapp till our fingers say “That’s it, bro, I Quit”! we came up with an extraordinary plan! haha!
Rajat came to me quickly with the feedback that they all liked the plan! Tadda! This made me more excited about the trip as I’ll be meeting my bestie after 3 months without any intimation that I’m coming to Delhi!!
So 5 Days and 5 Amazing places! were Delhi, , , Shimla, .

                                                         ” To travel is to live.”

The night before the flight Rishi called me to get a final confirmation that if I’m coming or not! So I just pretend to be normal like I’m not coming to Delhi due to some reasons.

I was afraid to talk to Rishi in this hour as due to excitement i shouldn’t tell him that even I’m coming!

I just hangup the phone by saying that I’m feeling sleepy and wishing him Happy Journey for the morning flight!

Finally, the day arrived and I booked my cab and leave for the airport by 3 am to board my flight by 5 am.
Reaching the airport I went through all the security checks and was waiting for my flight.I quickly grab a cup of coffee from the airport and boarded my  GoIndigoflight.

I took a quick nap,My eyes opened after the pilot made an announcement that outside temperature is 4 degree and will be landing in next 10 mins to Delhi!!






“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”

Hello Delhi!! (Day 1)

Soon as I step out from my flight outside (it was around 7 am), the weather was so cold and amazing, as I came all the way from the hot desert! haha! Visibility was really low their that we could barely see after few meters.
I quickly book my cab as I was knowing my lazyass bestie(Rajat) would be on another planet and will be chasing his dream at this hour!
After reaching nearby to his flat I got a call from Rajat saying “Are AAP aa Gaye kya mei to aane he wala tha! accha aa jao” (I was about to come to pick u up, no worries if you already took a cab then come fast, I’m waiting!)

I quickly went to his flat and hug him tightly!

Rajat will go to receive Rishi and Omkar at the Delhi Airport by 11 am and till the time I’ll sleep for 3-4 hours. I quickly hide my luggage and sleep in another room so that Rishi won’t recognize me!

After reaching to Rajat’s flat, They were getting fresh and ready to go out to explore Delhi! Suddenly I hear Rishi’s voice saying “Arey ye to Sarang bhaiya ki bag hai”! (This bag belongs to Sarang) And quicky came to another room and hugged me tightly saying “I was knowing that you gonna come!! Thank you”!

They started to Abuse me, punch me,slap me for not telling them that I’m coming!

So then we decided to go to Cannaught Place as it’s nearby to Old Rajinder Nagar(karol bagh) we take metro for Rahiv chowk. Cannught place is best for shopping and exploring the modern lifestyle.

As Rishi and me both like shopping so we were busy in going one after other showrooms while
rajat and omkar were checking out people there! Haha! (I hope you got me what I’m trying to say!) After spending 3 hours for shopping, Rishi got stuffs like Sweaters, T-shirts, jeans.
As we need to take bus for Amritsar by night 9:30 we need to do pretty hurry as it was already 4pm.

Then we decided to go Nizamuddin Dargah which is another 7kms from Cannught place. Omkar quicky book a Ola for Dargah which took another 20mins to reach there.

Soon as we reach there and we take chaddar (Holy cloth) and some flowers from the local store, cover our head and move inside.

The ambiance was so pleasant and relief after the busy streets of Cannought place that made us all fresh again!

As due to the excitement we forget to have our lunch and all of them were on just drinking water since morning and now starving like anything.


              “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Then Omkar book a cab for Connaught place and we decided to get some chilled beer and lunch together in Connaught place.
We quickly search places around me and decided to move to Ardour lounge. But before we reach all of them were exhausted so besides Ardour there are McDonald’s we had burgers there and then we moved to the lounge!

We grab chilled beers along with some Chicken and Panner starters. Even there was good music playing when we were having our pieces of stuff.

As time won’t permit as much we need to move to Rajat’s place as we need to take a bus for Amritsar, .

So after getting fresh at Rajat’s flat here I again said to Rishi that I just came here to meet you and going back to Ahmedabad and I’m not coming with you for the rest of the trip. After getting 3-4 slaps I agreed that I booked the whole trip with you people!

                                            “Collect Moment, Not Things.”

We headed to the bus stop to board the bus by Ola cab, time was 9:10 and our cab driver was very much cautious while driving as he wasn’t going above 30km/hr haha! Even he was new to the city, So I started getting calls from the bus operator that it’s 9:20 and the bus will leave in the next 10 mins!
After the stressful ride, we reached the bus stop and boarded the bus finally! Our bus was Indo Canadian A/C sleeper for which they charged us 1000/head and bus was pretty good and they served us with welcome Drink(Frooti) and some snacks which were refreshing for us haha!
The bus had stopped at Resturant Haveli for our Dinner outside Delhi. It was freaking cold outside, we ordered Chole Bhature, and Puri bhaji and had that in no time.

Everyone was exhausted so the journey of 8 hours passed too quickly. Our bus reached Amritsar early morning 6 am and we were shivering like anything as the temperature had dropped down to 2°C. One of the local cab driver approached us, asking where we want to go so I asked him to take us to a nearby hotel which would be nearby to Amritsar Gurudwara.

                                    “Live your life by a compass not a clock.”

Amritsar, Punjab!! (Day2)

I was sitting in front with the driver so had a word with him regarding where is the Gurudwara Shri Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple) and what are the timings as we all were new to the place. We booked the Hotel New S.S Residency, we got fresh here quickly and headed towards Gurudwara.

We were Starving, So While going towards Gurudwara, Rajat quickly saw a restaurant name Bade Bhai ka Brothers Dhaba,which is located nearby to Golden temple. This restaurant is usually crowded with tourists because of its location.  We went to this restaurant for breakfast, ordered special Amritsari

Parathe and some specialty of Amritsar!

The paratha and the chole there were utterly delicious.Something which Nagpur definitely couldn’t match up.!
Perfectly cooked chole, spicy and masale daar, parathawith ghee made our day.

To accompany this delicious meal was the famous Punjab di lassi and Phirni

Totaly that breakfast was amazing and worth every penny spent.

Ambience was really good and service was also quick. Do visit this place to experience the Amazing food preparation. 

We left with happy hearts and heavy stomach from here.♥

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless,then turns you into a storyteller.”

We quickly cover our heads with a handkerchief as we reach nearby Gurudwara firstly we  remove our shoes at the shoe counter put some water on our feet then join the queue as we reached Amritsar by end of the year it there was a blast of a crowd at the Gurudwara!
There was a huge gate before the Temple where there was a small pond for cleaning our feet before entering the Gurudwara. Soon as we climb 3 stairs we could witness the beauty, peace, and relaxation at the same time and we all utter the same common word “WOW”!! There are some places which when you visit, you just stand there struck by the beauty of that place.

Some that make you wonder, is a man really capable of constructing something so beautiful?

As the name diplicts “Amritsar” Amrit means pure and sar means holy pond created by the fourth Sikh Guru.when Everyone of us were just busy in staring the beauty from the gates people from behind asking us to move forward! so we enter the golden temple premises and following the people as they were moving.
While we were in queue we could hear the prayer which they were singing.The Golden Temple Amritsar India (Sri Harmandir Sahib Amritsar) has a unique Sikh architecture so we were trying to guess what’s written on the Golden Gate!
While moving inside the Gurudwara we notice a vast holy pond surrounding the Golden Temple. It’s really hard to describe the beauty in words! We were in a queue for approx 4 hours and finally the moment came to enter Shri Harminder sahib Gurudwara for which we were so eager to see it from inside!
It’s way much more beautiful from inside!

We quickly bow and manage to sit there for couple of seconds and then move ahead. A beautifully decorated place with flowers and Gold! We bow down quickly, After that we move to had our lunch in Gurudwara called “Lungar”.As we were knowing that the best lunch is served there.Place is quite hugeand managed by thousands of volunteers there and everyone is helping eachother to do any work.

The free community kitchen at The Golden Temple feeds thousands of people daily.

 We had our lunch there and get downstairs to keep our plates and there we saw a huge crowd of volunteers cleaning the plates with such a good co-ordination and great speed! Amritsar amazed with such a beauitful place and teach us how to work and how to co-operate with each other.

“I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.”

We need to leave for Chandigarh in the evening so omkar quickly booked outstation cab from our Amritsar hotel, he took another 50mins to come at our location. As he came we were shocked as the driver doesn’t look an Ola driver! Lol he was well dressed and wearing a bright red turban on his head and yeah he was
looking more dashing then all of us!

Then we took a leave from Amritsar with mixed emotions which I couldn’t write down in words! He started his typical Punjabi songs, and drive dashingly all the way to Chandigarh.

As we left by 6 in the evening and now it was almost 2 hours while we left Amritsar so we started feeling hungry!

Our luck was good or by the God grace, wherever we were going we Got Haveli Resturant the tastiest and delicious food we ever had!

We quickly placed the order and had it in no time.
what a service! Extraordinary food taste! Great Ambience! Affordable price!

What more Should I say more about this place?

If you ever came across this Amazing place do visit and taste the delicious food there!



                                           I think we all were in love with this place!♥

Chandigarh!! A clean and Green city! (Day 3)

Due to heavy traffic, we reached by early morning 4 and we struggle to find our OYO hotel,

After searching for an hour we somehow managed to find our hotel and it was almost 1°C when we arrived there, the Hotel staff was very co-operative and they quickly provided us with clean rooms. It was a budget hotel so we can’t expect more than just clean rooms!LOL, we were tired a lot by travelling just went to another world soon as we rest our ass on that soft bed!
We need to leave early morning for our next destination which was SHIMLA! So I had booked Ola out station cab for the morning before sleeping they charged me 4500rs for Shimla for a single way. In morning 7 our driver called us and we woke up, freshen up had coffee and biscuits and quickly left for Shimla! We left for Shimla by 8:30 Am.
By that time our driver was telling local sightseeing places which came across our route to Shimla. Roads were amazing and traffic started to rise as it was Sunday morning, there were fields on both side of the road which made our road trip even more beautiful! The cleanest and Green city I ever saw, Soon an hour went while heading towards Shimla our Sleeping Monsters(Rishi and Omkar) started to leave their existence with me and Rajat as usual!
They make me believe that nothing is more important than a sound sleep in the car while travelling and listening to soft music! As usual, I and Rajat didn’t sleep for the rest of the journey and talk non-sense (Insomnia Patients haha). It was almost 12 so I asked our driver to stop for lunch, guess what!! he then told us that there is a hotel called Haveli (Our favourite place to have lunch/ Dinner) It was the most huge and beautifully built of all the Haveli Hotels!
We were amazed to see the beauty of that place! Everything was so perfectly arranged and crafted that I couldn’t be able to duplicate the beauty in words! After having such a heavy lunch we headed towards Shimla!

Finally, the hilly road started and every one of us was seeing here and there saluting the beauty of the Mother Nature!


As we are getting closer to Shimla cold breezes started flowing and I started getting goosebumps on my hand.




                  “Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”

Shimla: Beauty of ! (Days 3-5)

Shimla is the capital of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan foothills.
Pheww! After a long travel, we finally reached our destination! We had booked Hotel Aachman Regency, Shimla and entering the hotel’s room every one of us just utter a single word “WOW, beautiful place”! hotel Aachman Regency is situated on one of the best places in, not into the busy streets of Shimla (Mall road) and not even difficult to find this hotel as it’s a roadside property when you enter into Shimla. Talking about rooms then this hotel got the best room which we ever got in any hill stations,
it got a double king size double-decker bed! what could anyone wants more than as all of 4 were in a single room! just beside our bed, there was a 5×10 window giving us the beautiful view of the valley which was situated! then Rishi and I were busy in making a short video of our hotel’s room while Rajat and Omkar were roaming around the hotel to grab some chilled liquid we could have to celebrate one more successful trip! We quickly freshen up and plan for our next remaining 2 nights 3 days there!
Everyone was just super happy after seeing the view from our room and clicking Selfies and pictures to upload it to their social accounts. Then our party started with the opening sound of Soda ‘phussss’ which got a devil’s smile on each of us haha! Rishi quickly ordered some snacks but obviously tandoori chicken and Rajat demanded his Fried and roasted papads his all-time favourite to have with our drinks! While omkar was busy in searching where we could go by evening and our New year Eve party!
By evening we got another surprise which made all of us super crazy!! Rishi’s Engineering result was out which he passed with flying colours! Which was cherry on the cake what else anyone wants while enjoying a thousand miles away from our hometown, thousands of miles above sea level and this news comes Up!

I quickly went to grab some liquor and a cake for the celebration. Finally, the time came and we went down to the hall where the New year party was arranged by the Hotel. Then I announced Rishi’s fake bday! Haha so everyone was wishing him a Happy bday and Happy new year and covered all of us in cream on our face! All of sudden my favourite track was played and I couldn’t resist more and started dancing! after few second Rajat saw me and join me in my weird dance! lol, We dance like anything thereafter there we quickly had our dinner and went to sleep by 3 am. As we had our cab booking to go Kurfi which is 20kms from Shimla. So next day we woke up get freshen up and call the cab driver.
He Picked us from the Hotel and told Amazing facts about Shimla and what to do in Kurfi. The name Kufri is derived from the word kufr meaning “lake” in the local language. Kurfi was a new place for me and For every one of us, there was snow around the roads which the people were enjoying the snow by making snowballs and hitting each other! The temperature dropped to 1 C there and we were shivering by cold, Driver dropped us at the adventure park where we tried many new things there like Rifle shooting, AMT driving the dirt bike, River rafting, Horse riding. One of the best and unique experience for every one of us was Horse riding! I don’t know what was wrong with our horses they aren’t guided by any one of the trained personnel! They were going by themselves crashing and dashing to other horses there! haha, which frighten us the most, after 20 mins of struggle we reached the final point from where we need to walk for sunset point and some more Adventure sports! After an hour we returned from there went to Mall road for some shopping.
Mall road is just one of the beautiful spot there in Shimla. While walking there on the road you may grab some sandwich,

juice or just a fruit plate! View from there was s

o stunning as there was Huge Indian Flag which was waving and it was so beautiful. Even this evening come to an end in no time so we started heading towards our Hotel as we need to board our bus (Indo-Canadian Mercedes Benz) from Shimla to Delhi. While We were waiting for the bus someone from our group said “Yaar Mujhe Nahi Jana wapas”

(I don’t wanna go back) then we hug each other and Rishi and Omkar Said thank you to me and Rajat for this best memory we were carrying back with us.
Lucky we didn’t need to travel for particular bus-stop as the bus had stopped at our Hotel and we boarded our bus.

So here 5 Days and 5 Amazing places! the most memorable trip comes to an end! 🙂


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