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So you have ever thought if there should be more hours in a day?




“You have easliy have much time for Work hobby, friends and family or just lazying around and doing nothing at all!”



But enough dreaming lets get back to reality!



The only way to make it happen is by sleeping less!
I researched this on the net and adjusted my daily routine by sleeping 3-4 hours a day,
I know you are thinking, where did the idea come from??

How did geniuses sleep?

Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Salvador Dali, and many more genius who practice polyphasic sleep which means they sleep
only for 1-4 hours a day.


Polyphasic sleep is a sleep pattern when you drastically cut your bedtime during the night and add a couple of 20-30 minutes
naps throughout the day.


It sounds crazy! right? but in the end, you will find additional hours which you may spend on what you like or what to do!
The most crucial stage of sleep which is called rapid eye moment which exactly lasts for 20-30 minutes and this the peak time
When your brain recharges from the stress!
Just like many people, I’m short of time, so every month I decide to go to Gym regularly instead I lie down on my bed and scroll down stories on social media!



And some point of time I decided enough is enough! The time has come to try polyphasic sleep!




Before you should even start I wanna tell you Polyphasic sleep has 5 standards to choose from.





“Vincent Churchill who used to sleep 6 and a half hour a day or
tesla who prefer 2 hours and 20 minutes for snoozing”



You can also do what I’ ve did make us your own schedule! There are also different online time schedule calculator that can help you with that.

So my final schedule was 5 hours sleep at night and two 25min sleep during noon after lunch and one in the evening.
here’s how my couple of days went:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Day 1: the experiment started fantastically to be honest! I went to bed at 2 am and woke up by 7 am I got extra time before going to work to spend time with family!

I finally do all the household work and then made a to-do list for the entire week!

So after lunch, I find a quiet place and same try to sleep in the evening but I couldn’t fall asleep in 25 minutes well I thought it will change in the next few days.




Day2: Before I started this experiment I had a word with a couple of people to try it and manage this type of sleeping pattern they warned me that it takes several weeks to get used to that.

Until the first 2 weeks! basically, you will feel like a Zombie which might be searching for coffee!! lol

And this is exactly what happened to me on Day 2! I was incredibly tired and emotionally drained !!



Day 3: At this point, all the days turned into one big blur movie!


But I was able to fall asleep on my 25 mins break however I didn’t feel better thereafter!


”Every now and then I feel why on earth am I doing this?”

                        I should skip this and go to bed!!

Believe me, it took a lot of effort and willpower to continue the experiment!



Day 4: The blurry state of mind was almost annoying me, if someone asks me something or talk to me I just stood there and stare blankly to them!
It took too much energy to keep up to do things or do work or simply reply to questions!!
I spend most of the time staring off into space!! LOL

My eyes were constantly bloodshot with dark circles under them may be the worst is over and this gotta better from here?!?


Day 5: I start getting little habitual to my sleep schedule, as soon as I close my eyes for 25 minutes of sleep breaks could immediately enter into deep sleep!!

I even woke up earlier then I needed to and also feel a bit rested!

I even had a lot of free time at night so I decided to utilise it in reading blogs, reading books and watch documentaries.

Day 6 & 7: I finally get used to polyphasic sleep almost everytime I woke up from my naps I felt like I had been sleeping for a solid few hours instead of just 25 mins naps!

Additionally, mental block ness and laziness completely vanished and my work capacity went back to normal!!
I manage to do more than I really thought of!! I was able to browse social media and watching movies spending time with family every evening!
And I manage to stop drinking coffee entirely and not to mention I joined gym finally!! So finally I was back on track!
Days 8-10: My creativity and stamina improve significantly due to the fact I could properly recharge my brain in time and regain my strength!
After the afternoon nap, it felt like a whole day gone by and I was able to find the best solution to a problem I couldn’t figure out earlier!
All my sign of being exhausted had disappeared too! my experiment continues to get some great results, I felt all right and feel more productive ever!
Days 11 -14: at this point, I decided not to stick to any sleeping schedule and just let my body decide for itself when the best time to rest was! I felt really comfortable this way!

I also push forward myself to know my limits so I keep sleeping less and less at nights it turned out that 3 and a half hours of nighttime sleep was enough for me

If I still have my daytime naps, if I want to sleep less at night then I need to add one more sleep break to my schedule and that’s it! so that basically this is how I do it now!

And during my experiment, I had healthy food and it’s hard to sleep on a full stomach so during my experiment I ate mostly light meals and natural foods!
Thus I became more active with less time sleeping, I do have more time to develop myself both physically and mentally by reading various blogs and going to the gym!

All this has resulted in me getting sick less often and feeling much more enthusiastic!
My thoughts after this experiment if your life is like one big to-do list and which you can’t keep then polyphasic sleep is for you!
I became more productive and I got the much spare time that allows me to do whatever I want!

“Your friend and family might feel it’s weird to sleep in the night for less time and take 2 naps in the daytime but if you able to adapt this sleeping habit you will automatically notice the changes in you!”

Best Luck!


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